Learning to Write


Writing, Post 1

I am learning to write and for the foreseeable future this blog is documenting the ride.  On 1st Aug, I started taking a class from James Patterson who has an ensemble of ideas to share through the Masterclass platform (I finally registered because after nearly a year of seeing the advert on Instagram I felt I have resisted long enough, I’m in Norway with not much else to do, and why not?).

Over the course of the class (11 episodes of, excluding the intro where he encouragingly urges ‘no heartbreak, no embarrassment’), I’ll be updating on my progress and potentially share some work.  If you’re open and happy to give me feedback, please let me know.  There’s candy in it for you.

The product of my efforts will be published in Storial.Co, a platform for writers to test their work, earn feedback and publish.  You are most welcome to (read please, please do) check it out (I’ll edit this post with a link once I know what I’ll be writing about).

Thanks for dropping by and sticking around.


6. More on ideas


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After we have one or several ideas of what to write, we get down to making an outline.  I binge watched Netflix today and got into several series, namely Mindhunter and Norseman.  What I discovered enjoyable was when there are several storylines taking turns appearing and having their own paces – some drag out and some only take two episodes to complete the circle.  I love it, because life is several storylines happening at the same time and we want to be a part of them.

I quite liked the on-dramatised humour and presentation as the plot develops.  Nothing major has to happen.  If a series of well executed nuances take place, that’s quite entertaining.

From JP, I learned:

  • Be wary of familiar territory
  • Be wary of going too left-field
  • Question why?  Why there at that scene, why that person and why then?  If you come up with solids for these ones, then go ahead.